Message from our Founder Yen Lim

Embrace the unexpected in motherhood

We know motherhood is not easy, especially for challenging times like now.

One thing that I have learned from my personal parenting journey is that many unexpected things will happen in life and we need to embrace, learn and grow from it.

With the increasing number of people getting infected by COVID-19, it brings concern to us, it is a necessary step to suspend all operations for Madam Partum by Chien Chi Tow for one month, in the light of the circuit breaker measurements.

At times like this, we would like to continue to encourage and support mommies as we ride through this together. Continue to breastfeed, boost up your immunity, rest well and enjoy your time with your baby.

The team at Madam Partum by Chien Chi Tow continues to remain at your service through our customer service specialist team via whatsapp/phone support/email. You may also ask to look for me if you need a chat!

We looked forward to continuing to be of service in one month’s time. Meanwhile, be safe and be well.💕 Love Yen

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