Pre-Partum Webinar

Thank you to all Mommies who had spent your Sunday afternoon with us at the webinar on “TCM Pregnancy Care”. We hope we have provided you with insights and useful information about your pregnancy journey!

Here are some Questions being asked during the webinar, and we have organised all the answers for you to read up.

Hello Mommies! We are very excited to be speaking at this webinar hosted by Qiren Organisation to educate mommies on TCM Pregnancy Care! Rachel Ang from Confinement Angels and Kendrick Kwek from Qiren Organisation will also be sharing several important insights for your pregnancy plan.

Our Chinese Physician Judy Chen will be sharing with you what you should focus on each trimester and what to do and avoid during your pregnancy.

Do join us in this webinar to be better prepared for your pregnancy journey!

Date: 21 March (Sunday)
Time: 3pm-5pm

In TCM Pregnancy Care, when we view pregnancy care, we look at 2 key areas 安胎 and 养胎.

For first-time mommies, it can be confusing and frightening to experience symptoms you have never felt before. Especially morning sickness, from a TCM perspective, is caused by Yin deficiency.

  • For most mommies, this would seem like the biggest hurdle to get over during the 1st trimester, therefore it’s important to know what causes it and how to alleviate it.

There is a way which you can ease your morning sickness by yourself at home!

Stress, stress, stress! It can be caused by anything – that annoying voice from somewhere, the constant feeling of nauseousness, your aching back, the many pieces of advice from literally everyone.

Exercise gives your muscle strength and improve your qi and blood circulation. This will gives you strength to overcome the additional weight and also improve your emotional well-being.

Pre-Partum Massage can help you reduce your muscle tension & cramps, improve water retention and replenish Qi & blood circulation to build up your immune system.

Your body weakens greatly when you are pregnant, and Qi, spleen and kidney deficiency is very real and present. Fret not, we’ve got the solutions and you might be surprised how much TCM herbs really help you in achieving a healthy and happy pregnancy and it’s really simple!

TCM herbs can help you improve Qi Energy deficiency and also improve your organ functions due to the lack of Qi due to energy being utilise for your baby’s growth and development.

Pre-Partum Collagen Nourishing Soup supports mommies’ health during her pregnancy and also provide collagen for Post-Partum recuperation.

Although it’s recommended to consume food in moderation, there are food that we recommend to consume more and there are food we strongly discourage mommies to eat when she is pregnant.

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