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Precautionary Measures to Ensure Safe and Healthy Experience with Madam Partum

In view of the concern of the widening spread of the Novel Coronavirus in China and in response to the latest MOH Advisory for the health, we are care sector, as part of our social responsibility, we are stepping up to adopt the following precautionary measures with immediate effect

All Madam Partum, for all outgoing Therapist servicing mommies during home visit, the additional steps are added on top of the advisory measures from MOH

1) All therapists will be required to wear a mask during their commute timing

2) Request to wash theirs hands at mommy’s house before the massage commences

3) They will be using the sanitiser spray on their clothes before entering the mommies house

4) The bed will be sanitized each time before laying the washed towels and bedsheet cover, and therapist will be wearing their mask and/or gloves during massage session

5) After the massage sessions, the therapist will washed their hands or use the sanitizer spray

6) At Madam Partum Katong outlet and all Chien Chi Tow, daily sanitizing of the area will be done twice a day and with all staffs taking strict precautionary measures

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