Pre-Partum Nourishing Herbal Tea


Perfect for expecting mothers as your daily drink to maintain balance during pregnancy.

Single Pack & Bundle of 8 available

How does it help you

Perfect for expecting mothers as your daily drink to maintain balance during pregnancy. TCM herbs are commonly prescribed and added into the pregnancy diet to boost energy levels and strengthen the body in order to cope with the changes during pregnancy. The Nourishing Herbal Tea can help mothers with water retention especially during 3rd trimester.

  • Promotes Qi and nourishes blood to support pregnancy health
  • Dispel dampness and to reduce water retention and swelling

Intake Recommendation

Suitable for daily consumption. Recommended to take weekly, for better pre-partum nourishment.


Codonopsis Root, known as “党参, Dǎng Shēn”, boosts vital energy or “qi” and reduces fatigue during pregnancy.
Astragalus, known as “黄芪, Huáng Qí”, is a “super” TCM herb for pregnant mothers because it boosts better immune system and stamina that is much needed to support new mothers through birthing labour.

Storage Methods

  • Once you receive your premium herbal products from Madam Partum, it is highly recommended that you store them properly in order to maintain optimal freshness.
  • Herbal products are to be kept in a cool, dark, well-ventilated place or refrigerator that is free from excessive moisture. Do not store in direct sunlight or an area that’s exposed to heat.
  • All Madam Partum products are best recommended to consume within 3 months from date that is received.

Cooking Instruction

Cooking time: 60 mins


  • 1 pack of Madam Partum’s Pre-Partum Nourishing Herbal Tea
  • 1 liter of water

Cooking Steps

  • Wash all the herbs and combine into a pot with 1L of water
  • Cook over high heat until it is at boiling point for about 20mins
  • Simmer over low heat for a further 40mins

Work Best with

Pre-Partum Collagen Soup to boost the intake of collagen and protein for a better Postpartum recovery.

Pre-Partum Massage to help in dissolving tension, reducing cramps and swellings and boost immunity levels for better condition for Postpartum recovery


Single Pack, Bundle Pack

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