Rose Birdnest (Single)


Unveiling Madam Partum newest curation that are carefully hand-picked and bottled in Singapore ~ The Luxe Edition Bird’s Nest,  superior Bird’s Nest concentrate. As the leading purveyor of the finest to please discerning palates, indulge yourself and your loved one now with the most SUPERIOR Bird Nest in Singapore!

How does it help you

Bird’s Nest is constantly increasing in demand to consume it for skin, health & even for your pregnancy health benefits – to fortify the entire immune system to enhance overall well-being.This superior Bird’s Nest concentrate is available with 2 flavors – Classic (Low Sugar) or European Rose.

Intake Recommendation

Recommended for once or twice a week for everyone. Recommended for pregnant mothers to take every alternate day.
Store in a cool and dry place or in refrigeration​
Consume immediately (within 24 hours) after opening and keep in refrigerator once it is opened​

Storage Methods

  • Store in a cool and dry place or in refrigeration  
  • Consume immediately (within 24 hours) after opening and keep in refrigerator once it is opened

Mother's Day Bundle Special

Sustainably farmed and sourced. Free of chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavourings, additives, and stabilizers.

Superior, Authentic Bird’s Nest

Elixir of Wellness and Beauty

Bird’s Nest contains Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), a protein that supports anti-aging by developing and accelerating cell growth. EGF is a commonly used ingredient in the skincare industry as it boosts collagen production in the skin, preventing and treating premature skin aging and keeping you young-looking.  

Brain Booster

Sialic acid found in Bird’s Nest or breast milk promotes the development of neural tissues and immune cells, improving immunity and encouraging intellectual development of the brain. Research done has suggested that consuming Bird’s Nest may improve memory & cognitive learning in human infants.

European Rose

Naturally uplifting, Madam’s Partum superior bird’s nests are double-boiled with organically sourced premium European rose in perfect harmony. Roses have been found to contain certain plant flavonoids that exhibit antidepressant properties that calms and soothes. Traditionally, rose blends were used to treat digestive disorders and menstrual irregularities from a TCM perspective. Rose also contains Vitamins A, C, and E and antioxidants that can protect the body from free-radical damage.

Frequent Asked Questions

Madam Partum’s Luxe Edition Bird Nest are 100% authentic and sustainably farmed and harvested from neighbouring countries such as Indonesia. Since the demand of Bird’s Nest is constantly increasing for skin, health & pregnancy benefits, it is important that the source is ethically sourced.

Madam Partum’s Luxe Edition Bird Nest has a lifespan of 24 months from the date of manufacturing. Kindly refer to the date on the bottle.

Madam Partum’s Luxe Edition Bird Nest is produced in a HACCP-certified facility in Singapore where the bird nests are sterilized and hygienically brewed.

Madam Partum’s Luxe Edition Bird Nest is a premium concentrated bird nest that is filled with 10g of bird nest strands (before brewing).  Unlike the normal bird nest you buy from retail stores,  all the bird nest strands stay intact within the bottle, which you can simply savor with a “Chopstick”, not a spoon. It’s heavenly nourishing and delicious in every bite – Richer taste, richer texture!

Bird Nests have been known as superfood in TCM perspective. It is also known as the “Caviar of the East”  that is perfect for anyone, even when you are pregnant. 

For general consumption, we recommend anyone to consume once or twice a week of Madam Partum’s Luxe Edition Bird Nest. 

Pregnant Mothers 
In TCM perspective, we recommend pregnant mothers to consume a bottle of Madam Partum’s Luxe Edition Bird Nest every other day. The research has been shown that glyconutrients found in the bird’s nest are sialic acid, a precious substance that has beneficial effect on neurological and intellectual capability in mammals*. Therefore, a bottle on alternate days may help to boost the baby’s development during pregnancy.

Madam Partum’s Luxe Edition Bird Nest is made in the HACCP-Certified Facility, where the bird’s nests are brewed at its freshest and immediately goes through the sterile storage process. We love freshness, and it is recommended to consume it within 24 hours after opening.  If you need to store it after opening it, do ensure the container is sealed back tight and keep it chilled.

There is no need to warm up Madam Partum’s Luxe Edition Bird Nest.

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