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We understand that the journey to parenthood is a profound and personal experience. Our TCM Preconception Consultation is designed to support couples who are preparing to conceive, offering a holistic approach to enhance fertility and overall well-being.

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Meet Ms J

Meet Ms. J, a 34-year-old mother who faced fertility obstacles: endometriosis, fibroids, and polyps. After her success with IVF to have her first child, she faced multiple failed attempts to expand her family. Ms. J turned to alternative help and saw TCM as a way to complement her current treatment.

TCM looked beyond Ms. J’s medical reports; it assessed her holistic health, diagnosing Kidney Qi deficiency, blood stasis, and weak spleen and stomach. Her treatment was tailored, focusing on enhancing her Kidney Qi and improving her overall Qi and blood circulation.

Following her specially tailored TCM treatments, Ms. J experienced a natural miracle – she conceived naturally and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Identifying the root cause of fertility issue is how TCM can play a pivotal role in overcoming infertility.

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