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Webinar Questions

"Can eat kway chapl birdnest and drink chicken essence during pregnancy??"

Yes! You can eat Kway Chap,
but in moderation as the salt
and oil content in it is usually

Chicken essence is also okay,
but if you have an issue of high
blood pressure, do drink less of it.

"Can we drink chrysanthemum and barley during pregnancy?"

Barley is considered more ‘cooling’ in nature,
so do drink in moderation.

And yes! You can enjoy chrysanthemum drinks during your pregnancy.

"Can we start drinking red dates tea during pregnancy?

Yes, you can enjoy red dates tea for the whole of your pregnancy term!

"Can we use those warm device to warm our stomach during pregnancy since we need to keep our stomach warm?

Normally, a pregnant mother’s
body temperature will be higher, so it’s not recommended to use any heat packs or warming devices.

Madam Partum is back with our most sought after webinar this upcoming month! If you are a first time mommy and you’re not sure what to do, or an experienced mommy who is seeking to ensure that you are taking care of your pregnancy well, we are here to share the essentials on what to do at each trimester from a TCM Perspective and D-day essential guide ✨

✅ 安胎 | 养胎 Concept
✅ Dietary and Physical Care
✅ 5 Must-Know Breastfeeding Basics on D-Day
🌟 + COMPLIMENTARY E-Hospital Checklist

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Title: TCM Pregnancy Care 2022
Platform: Zoom Webinar
Admission Fee: $10 Per Admission 
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Carebag Consist of;

  • One Pack of Pre-Partum Nourishing Soup (worth $8)
  • One Set of Breastmilk Collection Set (worth $74)
  • $20 Gift Voucher

Private Cooking Class

3 lucky couples stand a chance to win a private cooking class with Yen where she teaches you the TCM way of nourishing your pregnancy health through food.

You will complete the meal with 1 soup, 1 signatured herbal infused confinement food and a nourishing dessert that is suitable for the whole family.

You can also find out what TCM herbs are good for you during your pregnancy and make the best at each trimester. 

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