Vanny Telly’s Corset Review

1. Binding is done using a 3-piece corset which can be put on and removed on your own any time after the massage. 

-This was great b’cuz I could bind it on my own even on days when I do not have massage sessions. I basically used it throughout my confinement whenever I can. The corset is great for shaping the body as well as provide better support post-delivery.

2. This was after the first session of massage, after the masseur taught me how to use the wrap and I tried it on my own. Looks good right? And it is super easy!! The corset comes in 3 pieces; top, mid, and lower section which helps to support the back, shape up your belly as well as your hip area. The fit was great and it didn’t shift yet I was able to resume with my daily activities. My massages were done in the morning usually 10:30am and I’ll take mt shower at least 2.5 hours later as recommended by my masseur. So after shower I’ll bind myself up again. It’s that convenient!

3. Yea so I even take my naps in it and it’s comfortable.. Insta-storying my progress to a flat tummy. : P 

-Basically I use the corset everyday during confinement and sometimes after too. The only time I removed was to take showers or sleep. Otherwise sometimes when I feel too warm to eat in it I’ll remove first, have my meal, then put it back on. But I do feel it’s quite good to have it on during meals so you’d feel full faster then won’t overeat. Haha. Personal choice okay, but at least you’d have an option.

4. Almost every few days I’ll take a photo of myself in the corset. When I started using the corset on the first day, the Velcro was bonded on the furthest end. Towards the end of my confinement, the Velcro was at its tightest.. prove of results! And I was eating so much yet not exercising.

5. Just to show you how the corset looks like from both angles. Please pardon my Obasang outfit.

6. My slimming progress during confinement; comparing from the day before delivery to almost end of my confinement. You know it’s strange how everything was so coincidental. Like my delivery was preterm and I had no idea I was gonna deliver, yet I had this last photo of my pregnant self taken. Anyway the picture says for itself and I’m sure you can see how much I’ve slimmed down on my belly area. I just need to slowly shed off the last few kilos which you can see on my arms and my double chin – LOL!!! I always put on some weight during confinement due to the amount of food I take, but eventually will lose it ‘cuz my appetite will slowly adjust itself back. But this time since I’m fully breastfeeding and hungry all the time, lets see how long it takes for me to get back in shape. Otherwise I’m very happy with my progress for now. Yesterday I went for my 6th week postnatal follow-up with my gynae (was only 5 weeks plus) and I was told that my ‘insides’ (referring to my womb, etc.) had shrunk back to its original size already and zero lochia left. Yays! The binding totally paid off and I’m happy with the results.

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