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Hey Mommies, for the 3rd episode of ‘What’s Your Story?’ , we are featuring mommy Kelly, and her adorable twins, Hana and Heather! @hana.heather

This story is truly inspirational and shows her amazing journey, as Kelly survived breast cancer, and emerged stronger than ever, beating cancer. She even managed to birth her beautiful twins, amidst much difficulty and triumphing over these! Kelly now leads by example for her daughter with her story to tell in the future. Don’t let anything bring you down, not even cancer. This is Kelly’s story.

Part 2 of Kelly’s story features her labour of love from her diagnosis to the birthing of her twins, Hana and Heather @hana.heather! It wasn’t easy at all for Kelly, as she jumps through all the hurdles courageously and overcame them! Every mommy’s pregnancy story is different, so swipe right to listen to Kelly’s story now, and we hope that you will feel encouraged by Kelly like how we felt! 💪

Part 3 and the final part of Kelly’s story which she shares about how she breastfed her twins, despite going through a mastectomy, a story of incredible love and her fight to continue to breastfeed despite the odds. 

Kelly doesn’t let the mastectomy define who she is and continues to provides the best for her twins to her ability. Quoting Kelly, “You are the best mom to your baby, and don’t let anything define you.”

If you have any enquiries regarding your breastfeeding journey, feel free to WhatsApp us at 8166 0060 right now! 💗

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