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Women’s Entrepreneur Award 2023

Winner of Women's Entrepreneur Awards 2023
Yen Lim, Founder of Madam Partum

SINGAPORE, 2023- At Madam Partum, we are steeped in pride and gratitude as our remarkable Founder, Yen Lim, is recognised at the Women Entrepreneur Awards (WEA) 2023, the 4th edition. The award, which celebrates the vision and vigor of Singapore’s leading women, has positioned Yen Lim amongst these luminaries, marking a significant chapter in Madam Partum’s journey.

The Legacy of the Women Entrepreneur Awards

Established as a tribute to the indomitable spirit of female entrepreneurs in Singapore, the Women Entrepreneur Awards (WEA) has become a cornerstone event in the business calendar. By celebrating the achievements, innovations, and unique contributions of women to the business realm, the WEA fosters a culture of recognition, empowerment, and mentorship. It not only acknowledges the individual accomplishments of these women but also showcases their role in shaping the future of business and society in Singapore.

Story of Yen Lim, Founder of Madam Partum

Why Madam Partum Stood Out

At the heart of Madam Partum’s success and differentiation lies Yen’s unyielding passion and dedication to supporting mothers. Recognising the unique challenges faced during pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding journey, Yen steered her team with a mission to ease, educate, and empower mothers.

Her personal commitment resonated deeply with market needs. She initiated a series of programs tailored to mothers’ holistic well-being, ensuring they had access to both knowledge and assistance that would support them during these pivotal moments in their lives. From providing curated TCM products and services that cater to the needs of pregnancy and postpartum stages, to organising workshops and support groups addressing issues faced, emotional and psychological well-being during breastfeeding, our Yen’s vision is clear: to be a beacon of support for mothers everywhere.

Her dedication extended beyond mere business strategies. By creating a community where mothers could share experiences, seek advice, and find solace in shared journeys. This deeply-rooted mission, paired with her genuine empathy and proactive commitment, is why Madam Partum stands tall and distinguished in its domain.

Judging Process of WEA

“Over the past 20 years we have seen how women have emerged and they have really been the trailblazer”
Low Yen Ling
Minister of State
Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth
Ministry of Trade and Industry
“Entrepreneurship is not just about financial success, it is also about making a positive impact on people and contributing to the greater good”
Stephanie Cheo
Chairperson, Women Entrepreneur Award & WE Circle

Significance of the WEA

The Women Entrepreneur Awards isn’t merely an accolade; it’s an embodiment of the transformative power of women in business. By recognizing trailblazers, the WEA sends a compelling message about the growing influence of female leaders in traditionally male-dominated sectors. It champions diversity, celebrates resilience, and underscores the value of different perspectives in driving business success.

Our Founder, Yen Lim’s recognition is a testament to her leadership and a symbol of our shared journey. Her award is not only an individual achievement but also a beacon, illuminating Madam Partum’s values, ethos, and the collective efforts of its dedicated team.

To our mothers, partners, and every member of Madam Partum’s family, this honour signifies our commitment to support mothers, our passion to educate, and our vision for empowering mothers. With gratitude in our hearts, we celebrate this moment with our Founder, Yen Lim and move forward, fuelled with renewed zeal.

Night of Women's Entrepreneur Award 2023

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