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Most cases of inverted nipples will not cause problems with breastfeeding.

Some mothers will inverted nipples may find it more challenging to latch on initially, to ensure a good start, you can achieve it with a good latch and correct breastfeeding position.

Remember that babies should be breastfeeding and not nipple feeding

While a strong suction is essential to help empty your breasts well, take note that it should be comfortable and not painful.

For example, if pump suction is at level 9 and it’s tugging your nipple and slightly painful. Then you should set it lower to level 8 to be more comfortable.

Some mothers will experience recurrent blocked ducts issues, and it is important to identify the causes to prevent a recurrence.

Your milk supply should begin to regulate around 6 – 12 weeks postpartum.

Plan for a consultation with our Chinese Physician to identify and know your body constitution.

She will help provide a personalised treatment plan that could include some herbal prescription and/or TCM treatments.

Understand what has caused it to prevent it from worsening. Let it heal by soaking your nipples in saline solution and applying lanolin ointment after. Wear a breast shell to protect the nipples.

For mothers who are experiencing low milk supply, you can drink them daily and alternate between Pro Lactation Rice Paper Pith Herbal Soup using green papaya and fish and Enhanced Pro Lactation Herbal Soup using Black Chicken.

Yes, small amounts are acceptable, and alcohol contents will be reduced during the process of cooking.

Herbs to avoid:

Cattle Gallstone Bezoar 牛黄

Honeysuckle 金银花

Chimonanthus Flower 腊梅花

Ephedrine 黄连

Pearl Powder 珍珠粉

You can start on the day when you are home, after you are discharged from the hospital

Breastfeeding mothers should avoid spicy and stimulating food such as male, processed food, deep-fried and greasy foods. Avoid eating foods that are kept cold and chilled in the fridge. Do also avoid chives, hawthorn and malt as these foods can reduce your breastmilk supply.

You can start your Pre-Partum massage from the 20th week onwards, and for your Post-Partum massages, you can being within the 1st week.

At major leading pharmacies like

Watsons or Guardian

If you are experiencing blocked milk ducts, use warm compression and massage gently each time before you nurse your baby. To boost blood circulation and prevent possible blockages, daily massages would be recommended.

Alternative to Epsom Salt are

Olive Oil and Coconut Oil

Our recommendation is minimally 10 sessions to help in optimal post partum recovery and smooth breastfeeding journey. And you can definitely add on more when needed.

Back by popular demand, find out how you can better care for yourself and your little bundle of joy in our upcoming ‘Your Joyful Journey to Motherhood’! 

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