Your Pre-Partum and Post-Partum Journey

Pre Partum and Post Partum Journey

Pre-partum therapy

For your pre-partum needs, we recommend a total wellness massage that utilizes the masterful techniques of relieving stress, dissolving tension, and reducing cramps and swelling. 

Nurturing a baby in the womb comes with the mommys’ responsibility to stay happy and healthy. The total wellness pre-partum massage was designed to use techniques that boost immunity levels, which mothers need throughout the pregnancy period.

Start your massage sessions after the 20th week of your pregnancy. We completely understand that you need the much-needed rest and relaxation during this stage. Hence, we are giving you the option to have your sessions at the comfort of your own home. Alternately, you may also opt to book your sessions at in any Chien Chi Tow outlets islandwide.

Post-partum therapy

After nine months of pregnancy and the demands of childbirth, you may ask yourself, “What now?” Do you just plunge yourself into breastfeeding and sleepless nights of caring for your newborn? 

So many things are going on after childbirth and the mother immediately embraces the responsibility of nourishing the baby. Often times, her recovery takes a backstage in favor of taking care of the baby. 

At Madam Partum, we emphasize the importance of taking care of women so they can become better mothers to their children. 

Remember that the delivery process depletes the body of energy and blood. Our therapeutic massage stimulates acupressure points along meridian channels to improve blood circulation and correct the yin-yang imbalance. 

It utilizes tuina techniques that bring hormones back to pre-pregnancy levels and reduce lochia. These techniques also help the uterus to contract and aid the body to slim down. 

You can enjoy your qi-boosting post-partum massage at the comfort of your own home or at any Chien Chi Tow outlets islandwide. We recommend starting your massage sessions five days after natural birth and five weeks after cesarean section. 

Coupled with our therapeutic massage is a range of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) confinement care products of our herbal formulae soup, tea and bath — all specially curated to help the mother nourished her health on her road to recovery. 

Formulated to meet your nourishment requirements, Madam Partum’s 28-day confinement soup are carefully researched and conveniently packed for easy and quick preparation. These soup types were created for the mother’s complete recuperation, complete with pro-lactation soup to support mommies in boosting breast milk production. 

Sip and indulge in this new journey of motherhood with 28-day confinement tea that improves qi, boosts blood circulation and immune system, and nourishes new blood cells. 

Enjoy your much-needed “me” time when you take your daily baths. Our herbal bath helps expel dampness and wind, and prevents or relieves rheumatic conditions.

Pregnancy and childbirth are transformative seasons of a woman’s life. Madam Partum would like to walk with you on this path as you recover your energy so you could continue on with your journey to motherhood.

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