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The New Age Parents Jan/Feb 2018 Feature

Mum-to-be Velda Tan and mummy massage expert Yen Lim share the benefits of pre- and post-partum massages at Madam Partum’s.

After learning you are pregnant, a few lifestyle changes will have to be set in motion. For Velda Tan, one thing she was sad to give up was her weekly massages. As a fashion entrepreneur with a series of successful clothing brands, Velda relied on a routine rubdown to keep her body and mind relaxed. With a baby growing inside of her, a way to unwind and decompress became more and more vital. Thankfully for her, she discovered Madam Partum.

Best TCM Prepartum & Postpartum Massage - ParentsWorld Magazine

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but it can put some serious stress on your body and mind. During this vital time, the expectant mother’s most important job is to take care of her health to ensure the well-being of the new life growing inside her. One of the most effective treatments expectant and new mothers can get is a good old-fashioned massage. Madam Partum ensures that there’s plenty of science and research that can attest to the miraculous effects of an effective rub-down.

Influencer/Entrepreneur Velda Tan Photoshoot With Madam Partum And Parents World Magazine

Check out our latest fashionista mummy who is onboard with MADAM PARTUM Complete Recuperation Regime. Meet Velda Tan, she is an influencer/entrepreneur, find her in Instagram @belluspuera. Velda is currently pregnant at her last trimester and we have been helping her with Pre Partum massages since early Sept. Her choice is Madam Partum as she trusted that our therapists are experienced and medically trained.

With MADAM PARTUM Pre Partum massages, she's able to resolve some of the pregnancy issues with a host of benefits such as relieving muscle aches and pains, improving energy and blood circulation for a healthier and happier mummy-to-be. Stay tuned for her Post Partum recovery journey with Madam Partum. 

MADAM PARTUM had an outstanding success at SuperMom Baby Fair

MADAM PARTUM had an outstanding success at SuperMom Baby Fair, booth G07 & 08, from 25 - 27 August 2017 at Suntec City Convention Hall Level 4. Visitors loved our Pre/Post Partum therapy which helps boost immunity levels for healthier and happier moms to be, and to achieve a complete recuperation and successful breastfeeding journey. Mummies also had a great time with our free head and shoulder massage giveaways and exclusive promotions at this event.

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