4 Items that you regret not packing in the hospital bag

Are you ready for the D= Delivery Day? D-day marks the beginning of a lifelong journey of parenthood. Before you start off the D-day, you are probably busy sourcing for a checklist of hospital bags online on what to pack? When to pack? We have compiled four items that you regret not packing in the hospital bag to ensure you don’t miss out on the essentials.

4 Items That You Regret Not Packing In The Hospital Bag

Compression socks

Especially for caesarean birth, compression devices such as compression socks are highly recommended immediately after surgery. Many new mummies spend hours breastfeeding their babies and aren’t moving around much after “D-day”. Therefore, wearing compression socks provides good blood flow support and reduces swelling and water retention in the legs, feet and ankles.

Disposable sanitary pads

Indeed, all the hospitals will supply you with a pack of “huge” hospital grade maternity pads regardless of whether you have natural or caesarean births. But many first-time mummies may start missing their “comfy” brand after wearing the “huge” maternity pad. Yes, you have the choice. Throwing a pack of regular “sanitary pads” into your hospital bag will save you to heaven. Remember, just no tampons! 

Postpartum bleeding or lochia, the flow is usually heavier in the first week of postpartum. Therefore, try to get your preferred brand with features such as “Longer pads”, “Overnight”, “Extra Heavy Flow”, and “Extra wide or wings” to maximize the comfy level and yet save you from bloody episodes.

Nipple cream

Breastfeeding is a natural process but not always easy. Some mummies may have a rocky start to breastfeeding and take a long time to practise it with their babies. As a result, episodes such as nipple sores, cracks, itchiness, or some blood can be expected in the first few days. Besides applying breast milk, nipple cream is an alternative to moisturize and support the healing of the nipple. Do I need to clean or wipe it off before nursing? The answer is “No”. Try to get the nipple cream with lanolin*, a natural and waxy substance derived from the sheep’s wool. It is safe to use and non-toxic for both mother and baby. 

*Lanolin products should not be used by anyone with a known allergy to wool.

Breast pump

If you are determined to breastfeed, a breast pump should be the first item to be packed into the hospital bag. Would I be able to use it since I’m determined to breastfeed my little one? The answer is still “YES”. The breast pump will become essential if your baby needs medical interventions or close observation in the nursery. Vice versa, if you were exhausted from childbirth and required more time for bed rest, pumping would be “perfect” in this situation. Grab your breast pump and start to use it every 3-hourly and 8 times a day to build up milk production as early as possible. 

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