Breastfeeding 2021

International Breastfeeding Week 2021

Not all superheroes wear cape, some wear nursing covers. A special tribute, in celebration of International Breastfeeding Week 2021, to Mommies out there who are our superheroes. 🦸🏻‍♀️

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Maureen, as most of you guys should know as MissTamChiak (@misstamchiak), says her superhero character is CAPTAIN MARVEL as she juggle between her business and brand new baby.

And here’s what she has to share with all the moms out there.

1) Have your partner in the picture to share the responsibilities.

2) Get support at work.

3) Have a morning routine so you know what you have to do and won’t fumble around.

4) Have a bit of time for yourself every week!


Dawn @sgbudgetbabe, as we all know her to be the financially savvy blogger says she feels most like Elastigirl, the Mom of The Incredibles.

Dawn also want to share her story and tips with you, and here’s what she said!

“Because I’m a low supply mom, with my first kid, every single latch and pump session, I will only get about 30ml, so I always felt very underwhelmed. And you see on social media, everyone seems to have enough or even oversupply. With my second kid, I don’t know how the breastfeeding story will be like yet, because the story has yet to be written. But again, I think with every droplet I give will be good enough, and I hope that any low supply mommies out there, they would know they are not alone in this journey, and as long as we tried your best and given our babies whatever we can, that’s good enough.”


Sianne @lightlivingmama says she feels most like Hermione from Harry Potter and this is why!

“I’m always trying to do too many things and I also do a lot of research for many different things, for the baby, or home improvements. Actually my hubby also calls my bag the Hermione Granger bag, it’s like the bag she has, you put your hand in and anything you want can come out. It’s actually also bottomless, so he always can never find what he needs. Just that strive for perfection for doing your best in every way. Kinda of being the one to hold the trio together, I feel like moms do that a lot, holding the family together. And also creating that magic for your children!”

Not only that, she also wants to share her tips on how not to feel guilty even despite not being able to provide as much breastmilk, here what she said!

“So for me, for both kids, I was a low to undersupply mom for breastmilk and I think it really affected my mental health to try to keep up with 100% breastmilk all the time. I think the stress and pressure of people saying breastmilk is best and if you don’t do it, it’s not good for your kid. I mean every mom feels so guilty hearing that if they don’t do it for their kid (breastfeed). My tips and advice would be, don’t feel so much stress to provide 100%. Because a lot of the time, what you see on Instagram, a lot of moms have freezers full of milk, but not every mom does. So if you need to supplement, do so, and don’t feel so guilty about it. And if you really need and want to do it a 100%, get some help because that would change the way you can handle breastfeeding.”


Kayla, @shiyunnn_ identifies and feels most like Gal Gadot, and here’s why!

” The superhero character that I can identify the most is the real life Wonder Woman – Gal Gadot!

While she may be one of the highest paid actresses out there, she values quality family time and is not shy about letting the world know how family is her utmost priority in life. At the same time, she does not let motherhood or pregnancy stand in the way of her career! She reminds us mothers of how we all have superpowers – to make adorable babies.

In lieu of the Int Breastfeeding Week, let’s all celebrate the one superpower – to be able to feed our babies ❤️”

Not only that, she has some encouragement to share which might just inspire you and bring strength to you.

“I feel that patience and determination are pivotal to breastfeeding successfully! Be patient, give yourself and baby time to make it work.

No mummy’s bf journey is all smooth sailing and I believe that our love for our babies can overcome all those difficulties <3

Surround yourself with like minded mummies who can provide solid support and company during all the late night pumping / feeding!”


Lisa @thelisafeed relates to the superhero, Wonder Woman the most! Here’s why.

“Because Wonder Woman has such a genuine heart of love for people and I think I never expected myself to have so many love to give to a tiny baby when I first gave birth. For some reason, I had so much enlarged capacity and strength in taking care of a baby which I never thought I would have because I love my sleep so much. But now, I’m surviving on 4/5 hours of sleep a day and that is amazing.”

Her tips and encouragement talks about not letting any judgement and comparison get to you. Here’s what she said!

“I would say my biggest advise would be just do YOU, and don’t compare to other people in terms of standard of like, for example, how much you are feeding your baby, how you are breastfeeding too. For me, I am breastfeeding him and I find it okay, but if you are struggling, there’s always someone you can reach out to. I think it’s just doing what you feel it’s best for your baby, rather letting condemnation, judgement and comparison kill that experience which is meant for you and your baby.”


Esther @estherachel feels like Mr Fantastic from Fantastic 4 and here’s why.

“If I was a superhero i think i would be Mr Fantastic from the Fantastic 4. Because i’m always doing multiple tasks at once and doubling up to wear several hats!”

Also, her tips talk about her own experience trying again and again and how she doesn’t let pressure get to her.

“Breastfeeding didn’t come as naturally as I thought it would be the first time. I only breastfed my first child for a week and a half cause it hurt so much i couldn’t take it. For my second, I breast fed for 3 and a half months before having to return to my customer service job then which made it hard to continue. Now with my third child, it’s been 9 months and counting! I think ultimately, fed is best and you shouldn’t have to stress yourself over breastfeeding. If you can, then it’s great but if you can’t, don’t pressure yourself. All my kids turned out strong and healthy despite the different duration I breastfed them for! Remember, happy mom, happy baby!”

Shu Min

Shu Hui @883shuhui feels most like the Flash, having to be quick on her feet, here’s why!
“I think my reflexes have improved greatly after becoming a mother, where I try to do things as fast as possible especially during tricky situations that include a crying baby, haha! I have to think on my feet and plan ahead on many occasions too. Sometimes I wish I can complete tasks at even faster rate though, because there is really plenty to do as a mother juggling both family and work.”
Shu Hui wants to tell mommies out there how supply doesn’t define you at all. Here’s what she said.
“Don’t give yourself too much pressure! The first few weeks are going to be painful, both physically and mentally, and it’s important to find a listening ear to share your concerns. Your supply does not define you as a mother and breastfeeding is just the beginning of an incredibly long journey. No matter if you breastfeed for a day, a week, a month or a year, you are still amazing!”


“Not all superheroes wear capes, some wear nursing covers”. We started the month of August to pay tributes to mommies who are our everyday, unsung heroes. To conclude the annual International Breastfeeding movement, we want to feature Jerilyn @jerilynmoon and her breastfeeding story.
A mother’s body is a miracle and it works the hardest at producing breast milk that are essential for your baby. So thank your body and treat yourself right. 💕

Why did you use this word to describe your Breastfeeding Journey?

To be vulnerable is to open your heart to something or someone without knowing how the situation will turn out.
Despite just having my third child, every single breastfeeding experience has been different for me. It’s a slow dance between yourself as a new mom and your newborn. Both of you are learning, both of you are getting to know each other, getting closer as you figure it out together.

Were there any expectations for this breastfeeding experience before giving birth and how different is it?

Breastfeeding was incredibly difficult for me as a first-time mom, I remember not having enough milk for the first two weeks and having my baby crying repeatedly during the night. It took me about a month to establish a supply.
This time around, having experienced both challenges and wins in breastfeeding, I felt a lot more confident even as I ran into issues.
I trusted my body and my baby to figure it out together – I asked for help very early on, and relaxed into the process.

Having gone through prior breastfeeding experiences, what did you plan and prepare to kickstart into a smoother breastfeeding journey?

I wasn’t afraid to ask for help early on, whether it was from the lactation consultants during our hospital stay or reaching out to others when we got home. It truly takes a village and even as a third time mom, my village is still the most important thing to me and a crucial part of my success.
I also made sure to sleep whenever I could and drink copious amounts of water. I truly think that is the key to an increased milk supply.

Were there any particularly special moments in your breastfeeding journey you would like to share? Any Tips or Encouragement to support fellow Breastfeeding Moms?

I truly believe in feeding on demand, having the breast by accessible at all times, picking a baby up when they are crying, and soothing them in whatever ways they need. That is, after all, how you build trust and relationship.
My favourite thing is letting my baby fall asleep on my chest after a feeding.
I might not be as “productive” as I could be but these newborn days are precious, and sometimes, just holding my baby as he sleeps is the most productive thing I could do.

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