Chinese New Year 2022 Tips

According to Chinese customs, Renri (人日), is believed to be the common birthday for all. It is celebrated on the seventh day of the Chinese lunar new year. 

On this day, traditionally, we will eat Yu Sheng. But the ingredients in Yu Sheng can be unhealthy for pregnant mommies, who have to watch their diet carefully to avoid issues such as gestational diabetes and more. 

We have an alternative to the traditional type of Yu Sheng, which is a healthier version with fruits! Swipe left to see the fruits you can use in Fruity Yu Sheng this Chinese New Year.

Do you know the nutritional value in a slice of bak kwa or a pineapple tart? We provided some insights to how much sugar, sodium and calories your food has. 

You can make an informed choice of what you eat, and how much to eat this Chinese New Year, especially for mommies who have to watch their diets to prevent any health issues such as gestational diabetes.

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