Inspired by Motherhood Episode 5 | Melissa Koh

Our next guest on Inspired by Motherhood with Yen is someone we have known her from first pregnancy and through her motherhood journey as a mother to 3 now, our dear Melissa. As we shared this video, she shares how she compartmentalise her emotional head space, especially during the difficult period when Asher was unwell and still work to give all her 100% while she is on it.

Thoughtful Noah

While we often assume that our child do not understand any better, they often surprise you with their sweet gestures and thoughtfulness that just melts your heart! Hear how Baby Noah is Melissa’s joy and pride.

3rd Pregnancy

Being a mom for the 3rd time also means that you are also more prepared for what is to come. But truth be told, the physical and mental journey with each pregnancy can be the hardest when you have second child onwards and only two hands. They need you and you need you. But there’s not any rest in sight. Hear how Melissa shared her 3rd pregnancy and how she finds her rest.

Advice for mothers

“Know that as long as you give your best, it is enough. Enjoy what is in the moment and try not to perfect everything.” What are some of advice that you receive that resonates and had inpired you in your motherhood journey. Comment and share with us.

What Inspires Melissa

What inspire you during your motherhood journey? “My kids are my inspiration and they are my pillar of strength. Truly in their own little way, they had given me the most strength.” – Melissa Koh
For our 5th episode of Inspired by Motherhood, Melissa, mother of Noah, Asher and Oliver! Melissa shares how she manage her life between her pregnancy, family and work, through compartmentalisation and effective time management.

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