The Use and Benefit of Body Sculpting Corset

Body Sculpting Corset

Wearing an external binder or corset gives the muscles support while they’re healing postpartum. It assists in uterus recovery and offers exceptional support for unique body contour after childbirth.

This body sculpting corsets are designed specially in 3 separate pieces for Post-Partum mummies to get back to pre-pregnancy shape faster, coupled with our TCM style of post-partum massage for maximum results:

  1. Waist girdle – Start using the waist girdle 3 days after delivery to tuck in expanded/ widened waistline
  2. Abdominal belt – Waist and abdominal belt can be used together or separately. To further lock-in and reshape your tummy area and to help support the lower back/ lumbar are when breastfeeding
  3. Pelvis belt – To help better sculpt and lift up the loosened pelvis region after childbirth

It is recommended for mommies to wear them for 6-8 weeks after delivery and Madam Partum’s corset is recommended for daily wear as well to enhance the recovery and speed up the results. Just make sure that it is not too tight to ensure good circulation.

You can achieve your pre-pregnancy figure with Madam Partum’s body-sculpting corset that is specially designed for mommies who need to lose weight in a healthy and easy way!

Read the reviews of mommies who have tried Madam Partum’s Signature 3-piece Corset here http://www.madampartum.com/reviews-details/corset-reviews to get to know your new bestfriend in losing those excess flabby tummy.

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