Post-Partum Sciatica Pain

As we proceed on into the third trimester of the pregnancy, our little one will grow faster and alot bigger in the limited living space in our small abdominal area. Thus it will definitely cause the toll and major changes to our lower body especially at our lower abdominal area where our baby is housed at.

While a majority of mothers-to-bes experience dull and throbbing aches on the lower part of the back or near the butt area, some mummies may have encounter the sharp, shooting pain that radiates from the lower back to the butt and all the way till the back of the thighs and calves area during pregnancy. This is a sign of sciatica problem which irritates some even Post-Partum.

What causes the sciatica pain during Pregnancy?

Most common reason would be the pregnancy hormone relaxin loosens your joints and the growing belly and enlarged breasts shifting the centre of gravity forward causing back muscles to tighten so much that it presses onto the sciatic nerve. The growing uterus and weight gain may also contribute some factors to the problem as well. As the baby shift and prepare him/herself in the third trimester for delivery, he/she may rest directly on the sciatic nerve causing the major sharp pain through the butt to the back of the legs.

One of the mummies we had before had encountered a very bad sciatica problem that even troubled her Post-Partum. She was advised by her doctor to rest more and told her that it will recover slowly after Post-Partum. She had a numb foot and radiating pain from the hip area to the back of her leg that caused her to limp while walking. She was in alot of pain and it was difficult looking after her newborn. She felt very depressed then. As Madam Partum is a subsidiary of Chien Chi Tow Healthcare, our masseurs are all trained treatment massages as well. So when she engaged us for her Post-Partum recovery massages in her home, we helped in treating her sciatica nerve problem as well. After 5 sessions, she was feeling much better with lesser pain and she could feel a drastic improvement in the numbness of her feet. At the end of her 10 sessions, her leg numbness was almost gone.

So in Madam Partum, we do not only solve lactation problems, or shape our mummies back to pre-pregnancy bodylines, we believe in complete recuperation which includes the conditions that have been caused during pregnancy.

So let your motherhood journey begin with Madam Partum.

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