What’s Your Story | Vanessa

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What’s Your Story Ep 4 features Vanessa @vannytelly, mother to 3 beautiful girls – Fayth, Hope and Joy – whom she wishes for her daughters to be! Vanessa shows her perseverance and determination to breastfeed all her 3 girls, while juggling her role as a fitness trainer. What’s even more inspiring is that despite going through breast augmentation, she makes a point and shows that mothers who went through the same procedure can still breastfeed, providing their child with the best! 

Part 2 of Vanny’s story tells of how she made the decision to proceed with her breast augmentation procedures, knowing that breastfeeding is still possible for her. Swipe left now to listen as she shares her breastfeeding experience! 

The final part of Vanny’s story speaks of her going through the post partum phase, and how her fitness journey has come a long way from birthing her 3 girls. She also shares some fitness and everyday tips that mommies can follow to lead a more stress free lifestyle post partum! 

If you have any enquiries regarding your breastfeeding journey, feel free to WhatsApp us at 8166 0060 right now! 💗

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