How to Manage My Work While Pregnant

Work Schedule Plan

Most women can continue working during pregnancy without much issue. Planning a discussion with your supervisor or team worker about the arrangement for work can be difficult and worrisome.

With more companies being more receptive to supporting working mothers with flexible work arrangements post pandemic, the collaborative structure can bring about favorable results for both the employers and employees. Knowing about your pregnancy rights, and antenatal benefits in your workplace is important. Speak to your Human Resource team to find out more to create a conducive and effective process together.

While some may find it unnecessary to inform everyone about your pregnancy, however, if it does help you land some support in your work task especially if it involves physical work, it’s good to discuss your work plan with the management team and your working partner. 

We know that some jobs require you to be physically active during the working hours, and if you have checked with your doctor that this level of activity is okay for you during your pregnancy, then you may continue. You can plan in some rest time in between to allow your body to adapt to the hormonal and physical changes especially for first time mothers during the first trimester, and for some mothers, it could happen throughout your pregnancy.

There are few aspects you can look into that might help you with your discussion with your employer on the work arrangement. The special arrangement can be discussed with your employer so that both you and your employer can start making plans to cover work at a later date.

We would love that our employers will be able to support us during our pregnancy, but you might also need to be aware that there are certain restrictions that employers might have so we need to compromise in certain aspects as well. The potential adjustments will depend on what is reasonable in the circumstances and whether or not the adjustment would avoid the identified risk. Here are some considerations you might want to look at adjusting your work plan,

1. Adjusting your working hours
Reducing the hours
     b. Shifting to a different work time
     c. Flexible working hours

2. Change your working location
     a. Shift to a location nearer to home
     b. Working from home

3. Work Commitment
     a. Change to working part-time temporarily
     b. Reducing your roles and responsibilities

As you are the best person in knowing how your work can be adjusted, you might want to prepare some recommendations beforehand on the different adjustments that you can make during your pregnancy. So that you can present to your employer on how adjustments are possible for their consideration. Also do speak about how you are going to return to your roles and responsibilities after your maternity leave.

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