Home Cooking With Yen | Episode 6

Do you often feel weak, or look pale that can arise from a weak body constitution, we have just the soup for you. For this episode of Home Cooking With Yen, we have Jenny Tay join us as we prepare the Blood Nourishing Chinese Angelica Herbal Soup. This soup can help to nourish your blood and boost your Qi.

If you are interested to learn how this nourishing soup is prepared, paired with black chicken,  watch this episode now! Stay tuned for our next episode as Jenny’s prepared her family favorite dish for us!

Blood Nourishing Chinese Angelica Herbal Soup

This herbal soup helps to nourish your blood which is great for those often feel weak and have no energy. Low blood and Qi affects your body’s ability to feel physically and mentally strong, so drinking this soup will help!

Chinese Angelica Root, Astragalus, Prepared Rhemannia, Dried Longan, Wolfberries, Codonopsis Root

Cooking Tips

When it comes to certain topics such as life, it is not easy to comprehend for adults. Even more so when you want to have a conversation with your child on a difficult topic like the passing of a loved one. Jenny takes a step by step approach in letting her kids be introduced to the nature of her job as the Managing Director of Direct Funeral Services.

It is not easy to juggle between her work life balance, with her three kids. Watch as Yen Lim and Jenny Tay talk about managing their roles at home and at work.

Jenny's Tips

Balanced Diet and Timer

Make sure that your kids have an ample amount of carbs, protein, fibre in one meal! Like the Mee Hoon Kuey Jenny cooked!
Another idea would be to set a timer to teach kids to finish their meals on time. Give them a time limit and make them follow it consistently.

1 2 3 Step by Step Approach

Jenny carefully explains the concept of death to her kids. One example is explaining that everyone passes on, such as their dog which recently passed, so we have to cherish loved ones around us when they are still around!

Good Support System

Seek help if you need to, and gather a support system you can rely on. The people in your support group can be the ones closest to you where you can count on to lend a helping hand when you need it.

A Date Night

For couples, a date just between you and your other half is what you need. Jenny says that only when the couple is happy then will the family be happy!

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