Confinement Myths

Hey there mommies!

How many times were you told by well-meaning friends/relatives not to take shower after childbirth? Or advised to sleep without turning on the fan or air-conditioning unit? Or told to never drink plain water during the first six weeks after you’ve given birth?

You’re not alone.

Many mommies like you have heard and told of the myths surrounding confinement practices. This post will help explain the myths mentioned above as Madam Partum believes that it is best to educate mommies and their support system to make sure that they achieve complete recovery along with taking good care of the baby.

Myth 1: No shower/bath

Taking a shower or having a bath will help mommies feel comfortable. It ensures good personal hygiene and eliminates incidence of skin diseases and wound infections. To help you expel dampness and wind and relieve/prevent rheumatic conditions, Madam Partum has specially curated herbal bath for your daily shower. Try it out for a refreshing confinement-spa experience at home!

Confinement Myth

Myth 2: Turn off fan or AC

Do not hesitate to turn on the fan or the air conditioning unit if the humid climate is really unbearable, especially in tropical Singapore. Do take note not to have the fan or air-conditioning unit facing you directly. If you feel that you have ‘wind; or that your body is still exhausted from childbirth, consider getting a postpartum massage. Massage helps in womb recovery, regulates qi, replenishes energy, and encourages healthy milk supply.

Myth 3: Avoid plain water

On the contrary, you need water to help you with your breastfeeding goal. You can have adequate fluid consumption if you are breastfeeding with our confinement soup and tea. Speed up your recovery with our confinement herbal soup and herbal tea which will help boost immunity and support in better postpartum recovery

There are several myths surrounding confinement practices after childbirth. What other myths have you been told? When in doubt, you can always Ask Madam Partum!

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