Home Cooking with Yen | Episode 1

All of us yearn for a bowl of piping hot nourishing herbal soup ever so often. Convenience or hassle free process then becomes increasingly important in cooking. And exactly how can we achieve it in 3 easy steps? 

We are extremely excited to reveal the premiere of this brand new series of Home Cooking with Yen with you! As Yen visits the cozy abode of different guests at every episode and teaches her guest how to cook up a bowl of nourishing soup with whatever readily available kitchen equipment she has in her kitchen. And the guests will also be preparing a dish to share! Paired together, it’s a feast! 
And more than just cooking, Yen and her guests chat about everything under the sun while enjoying the delectable dishes together!

Healthy Spleen Tonifying Herbal Soup

Benefits: This herbal soup helps to boost spleen function and helps improve the immune system by nourishing your Qi. The ingredients, lotus seeds and euryale seeds are especially good for replenishing spleen deficiency.

Ingredients: Euryale Seed, Lily Bulb, Barley, Poria, Lotus Seed, Chinese Yam

Our first guest, Bertilla Wong @bertillawong is a mother of two now, and she shares valuable encouragement for mothers out there who are feeling hesitant about their pregnancy journey over food withYen.

As the co-founder of The Closet Lover, she has tips to share with breastfeeding mothers and it might just help make your life a little bit smoother.

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