Home Cooking With Yen | Episode 5

We know that hair loss is a common problem faced by many, especially so for postpartum mothers due to hormonal changes in the body. 

While you are adjusting to life as a new mum, and while you may be mentally prepared for it, it can still be really devastating to see gathered hair around the drain hole of your bathroom or gathering clumps of hair in your hand after a shampoo or dry brush. 

Know that this is not permanent, although it may just persist for months post birth, and will grow out over time. To boost better hair regrowth, the ingredients are specially curated in Hair Fortifying Fleeceflower Herbal Souphelps to boost blood circulation to your scalp to boost hair growth and promote healthy hair follicle. We invited @berlin.ng up in this episode to share her hair loss experience! Watch it now.

Fleeceflower root ,何首乌, combined with other curated TCM herbs in the soup, becomes an extremely nourishing and tonifying soup for everyone to drink if you experience hair loss condition. This soup helps to promote hair growth, prevent further hair loss too by boosting the scalp’s blood circulation through Qi boosting herbs. 

Black/Dark Tone Food

Incorporate dark toned food like black chicken, black beans, black sesame or herbs like fleece flower root is particularly nourishing for female health!

Add Red Dates

Add Red Dates into your soup to sweeten it, instead of adding sugar. It helps to nourish your blood too! Two benefits in one!

Make it a Meal!

Add mee qua or any noodles to make it into a complete and wholesome meal by itself.

When it comes to your child’s education, different parents have their own parenting style. Berlin is a very hands-on mom with Somi’s enrichment classes, making sure her daughter has the best education and teaching materials available! 

Berlin also shared how she handles Somi’s meltdowns and emotions as a first time mother, and she even has Somi’s help and involvement in her online business!

Yen @yenlim will also be sharing 3 acupoints that you can do at home if you are experiencing hair loss and it’s as easy as 1 2 3! She will be demonstrating and teaching Berlin on the acupoints, so be sure to watch on!

Berlin's Tips

Is Hair Loss Related to Stress?

The bad news is yes, but the good news is that stress-induced hair loss is usually temporary.

Find out what herbal tonic soup you can take to stop hair loss and boost healthy hair growth.

Involve Your Child in Decision Making

Berlin engages Somi in by letting her choose the fabrics and colours!

This will make them feel heard and seen, which helps with the bonding between you and your child.

Patience is the Key to Your Child's Heart!

Your child might be fussy and throwing tantrums at times, but know that if you deal with them patiently, it will all work out in the end.

Berlin negotiates with Some that she can play for 5 minutes first before going for her bath, if she has a meltdown and refused to bathe. 

Empower Yourself

Gain empowerment by maintaining an active lifestyle after pregnancy. Encourage yourself to start today! But know that you should feel proud of yourself for giving birth to a little human!

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