Home Cooking With Yen | Episode 7

Are you suffering from persistent soreness at your waist and back? If it all sounds too familiar to you, watch this episode of Home Cooking with Yen.

For this episode of Home Cooking With Yen, we are delighted to visit Cheryl Wee @weecheryl at her home as we prepare the Waist Strengthening Chinese Taxillus Herbal Soup. This soup contains the TCM herbs that help dispel the wind dampness in your body and relieve rheumatic conditions.

Interested to learn how this nourishing and delicious soup is prepared using pig’s tail? Watch this episode now and stay tuned for our next episode as Cheryl opens up and shares her heartfelt emotions as a mother of three.

Waist Strengthening Chinese Taxillus Herbal Soup


This herbal soup helps to strengthen your waist and back by boosting your kidney and liver Qi, which is essential for a strong back. The herbs inside also helps to relieve wind dampness and rheumatic conditions in your waist


Black Bean, Chinese Taxillus Root, Astragalus Root, Codonopsis Root, Chain Fern Rhizome, Honey Dates

Cooking Tips

Working mothers are unquestionably master jugglers, and for Cheryl, having to manage family, business and her dreams, some things need to be sacrificed when it comes to determining your priorities in your life at that moment. And more often than not, mothers chose to give up their personal space and time. When Cheryl’s third baby, Elly fell sick, it was a time where @weecheryl confessed about her fear and shared the hardships and life lessons learnt through this humbling parenthood journey.

Tips from Cheryl Wee

The one most valuable life lesson Cheryl has learned is making the best out of any situations that she is placed in, regardless of how taxing or hard it may be. Swipe to see what Cheryl has to share about her motherhood journey.

Cheryl's Tips

Finding Me-Time

Try to make an effort for yourself, for your mental and physical well-being

Cheryl goes for half an hour walks with Roy or one hour massages once every two weeks. 

Try to make the best out of everything!

Turn any situation around into a good one.

Cheryl’s third kid, Elly fell sick.
It wasn’t how Cheryl had imagined it to turn out, but she found time to spend with her kids to keep them company instead. 

Everything Happens For A Reason - Cheryl Wee

Family support is everything

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a kid, so gather help!

Cheryl’s aunties and uncles help to cook and take care of the kids.

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