Inspired by Motherhood Episode 7 | Andrea Chong

Life has its unexpected moments. In 2020, Covid took the world by storm and disrupted Andrea’s plan for their wedding. Hear how they have to navigate the pandemic amidst their new life together as new parents!

Pregnancy's Symptoms

Andrea discussed about the change in her appetite through the trimester and the terrible muscle spasms and cramps she experienced. Hear how pregnancy affected her during her third trimester.

Showering during Confinement

To shower or not to shower, that is the questions that we have been repeatedly asked even now. While the concept of confinement rooted from a tested Tradititional Chinese Medicine practice, we understand that it is also important to evolve with time.Listen in to Andrea and Yen as they shared the physical and wellness support during confinement when it comes to bathing.

Work and Family

Balancing work and motherhood is never easy. Andrea shares her inner struggles of juggling her professional commitments, with the precious moments of her children’s lives. She reminds us of the importance of accepting help and letting go of mom-guilt. Her husband’s reassuring words are a reminder that it’s okay to seek reassurance and encourage from your partner.

Too Much Friendly Advices

New mothers often find themselves inundated with advice from everyone Andrea shares her emotional journey with breastfeeding and the overwhelming advices she received. Her key takeaway? Discuss with your partner and choose one trusted source of advice. Remember, every couple is unique, and what works for one might not work for another. Find YOUR way and DO You.
For our 7th episode of Inspired by Motherhood, Andrea gives us an idea what it is like to settle down during a pandemic period.

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