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It’s important to know what you can do at the pre-partum stage, nourishing your Yin energy is critical to ensure you stay healthy and strong for you and your baby. 

Pre-Partum nourishment must be done well, that’s why we curated the Pre-Partum Collagen Nourishing soup specially for pregnant mommies to improve their body constitution.

You only get one chance to recover post birth. Ensuring a good nutritious and nourishing confinement plan becomes an essential! And we have just the perfect bundle for all your 28 days.

Our Pro-Lactation Soups are curated to help you increase your breastmilk supply through supplementing your Qi! 

Follow us as we walk alongside with MissTamChiak’s during her pregnancy journey.

Speaking of nourishing your body to carry your baby for 9 months, let us share about our Pre-Partum Collagen Nourishing Soup. 

Did you know that this soup contains Fish Maw? 😋 Fish Maw is known to:

✅ contains rich proteins and nutrients such as phosphorus and calcium

✅  good source of collagen, proteins, and nutrients

✅  Nourish your ‘Yin’ Energy

Weakened kidneys, not enough breastmilk, headaches or fatigue, back pain, we got you covered! Our 28 days soup packets are curated to aid in nursing you with better vitality and overall body wellness in 3 key stages. 

Do you know that our Day 1 Soup, the Postpartum Tonic Soup (生化汤) includes a super ingredient? And that’s the Tibetan Red Flower (藏红花)! 

✅ Specially formulated to meet the nutrients requirements for the mother

✅  Day 1: Postpartum Tonic Soup – Clear loch from your body and promote better uterus recovery

Mommies have so many worries when it comes to breastfeeding after birth such as worrying about ‘What If I don’t have enough breastmilk?’  

Did you know? You have to find GREEN papaya only, (not orange ones) because it contains an enzyme that increases the production of oxytocin and this hormone helps with milk ejection.

✅ Provides the energy to build up breast milk supply

✅  Supplements Qi & Blood nourishment through TCM formulae

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