Pre-Partum cough remedy during pregnancy

pre partum cough remedy during pregnancy

Pre-Partum Cough

Getting sick during a pregnancy is the most troublesome thing to happen a mother-to-be. Having to deal with the raging pregnancy hormones and fighting the flu bugs without any medications can be really tiring and frustrating. Medications prescribed to you are taken at your own risk with unknown complications and thus many are afraid to take any medications including Chinese Herbs as well especially in the 1st Trimester. With the blocked nose and whooping coughs together with all the sudden jerk up gasping for breath in the middle of the night, we understand how bad it can get. So, we have come out with the various natural ingredients that mummies could be used to resolve the crisis.

Drink: Orange Peel (陈皮)with Golden Pear

Ingredients to prepare: 6g Orange Peel, 1 Golden Pear, some rock sugar to taste

Suitable for all ages and groups

De-seed one pear, put in the 6g of dried orange peel together with 1L of water and simmered it for 1.5 hours. Add some rock sugar to taste. And the concoction will be ready for consumption. Serve it while it is hot.

Dessert: White fungus, fresh lotus seeds & lily bulbs together with Golden Pear

Ingredients to prepare: 150g Dried White Fungus, 1 Packet of fresh lotus seeds & lily bulbs each, 2 Golden Pears (serves 4-5pax)

Suitable for all ages and groups

Soak 2 big flowers of white fungus for about 10-15mins to soften first and cut out all the hard parts and set aside for use. Rinse the lotus seeds and separate the layers of the lily bulb. De-seed the 2 pears and cut into slices. Put in the white fungus and pears together into the pot together with 2L of water and bring it to a boil before simmering for 30mins. Add in the fresh lily bulbs and lotus seeds to simmer for another 30mins and add in the rock sugar to serve. And the delicious dessert is ready for consumption.

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