Post-Partum Confinement Myths & Truths

Confinement Myths & Truths

There are many confinement myths going around for centuries especially during our grandmothers’ olden days. Though some of them are true and some are not even scienfically-proven or can be scienfically proven, I believe many of us still follow the tradition through. Here are some of the common myths and truths I have complied.

Myth 1: 

It is a MUST to consume alcohol in the confinement meals to get better post-partum recovery.


It is not a must to consume alcohol to promote blood circulation and warm body up but instead there are many other ways like good confinement soups and teas that is beneficial for blood circulation. Breastfeeding mothers must avoid alcohol as alcohol can be passed through breast milk to newborns that is bad for their development.

Best that if there is anything that contain alcohol, steam it for 10 – 15mins for the alcohol to evaporate before consuming.

Myth 2: 

New mummies are not allowed to drink plain water. It is considered cold and causes water retention in mummies therefore undesirable for post-partum recovery.


It is perfectly fine for mummies to consume boiled warm/hot water during confinement. Especially when confinement meals can be quite heaty and mummies can suffer from constipation which makes it even bad for health during confinement period. Due to hormonal changes, new mummies can tend to perspire more than usual too. And for breastfeeding mothers, fluids are also very important as breastmilk is mostly made up of water. Therefore, constant replenishment of water can be quite important during post-partum recovery.

Myth 3: 

New mummies cannot bathe and wash their hair for at least one month. As ‘wind’ and water can get trapped in our body and cause headaches and rheumatism in future as we get older.


It is important to keep yourself hygiene at all times. Besides from personal comfort, keeping clean can also prevent rashes outbreak and wound infections especially C-sect mothers. New mummies also have to keep the genital area clean and hygiene to prevent vaginal infection. To prevent wind from entering our body and keeping ourselves clean at the same time, we have confinement bath packs that can be used easily boiled and used. However, do remember to avoid wind and dry yourself immediately and thoroughly after showering especially the hair.

Myth 4:

New mummies have to wear thick clothing and avoid from fans, air-conditioning and even strong natural wind. This is said to be bad for new mummies to cause ‘wind’ to enter the body and causes health problems in future.


In fact, mummies should wear comfortable but long sleeves and pants to protect themselves from catching a cold especially after a shower. In a weather like Singapore especially during July & August, it is almost impossible not to feel uncomfortable and sweaty at all times without the air-con. You can keep the air-con temperature maybe at 26 -27 degrees Celsius to keep yourselves rash free and comfortable.

However, do note that no direct blowing is allowed as your immunity is still weak after a delivery so you might not like to catch a cold during confinement period.

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