TCM Perspective on Fertility and Treatment

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the core of Madam Partum’s services and the heart to provide a holistic approach in addressing your needs for treatment care and recuperation.

TCM Physician Judy Chen is one of our esteemed panel of Chinese Physicians who will be there for you as you navigate pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood and through the journey of parenthood.

Physician Chen obtained her bachelor’s degree from the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is currently pursuing her post graduate degree at the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine.

She is an outstanding professional being an Accredited and Certified Professional member of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board (Singapore). She is also a council member of the International Traditional Chinese Medicine Pelvic Rehabilitation Specialist Research Team, and formerly with Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution Fertility Department / TCM Pelvic Disease Research Team.

Continuous learning and education are important for Chinese Physician Chen, that is why she specialises in the fields of acupuncture and tuina by participating in further training, upskilling.

With years of experience and profound passion in providing healing through TCM treatments, Physician Chen is also well-loved by her patients in providing them with preconception fertility treatment and pre- and post-partum care, solving lactation challenges faced by mommies during their breastfeeding journey.

Our team at Madam Partum looked forward to be of service to you and your family at our 1st TCM Pregnancy Center at Katong. Call us at 66 633 933 to enquire more.

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