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What’s Your Story | Kelly

Hey Mommies, for the 3rd episode of ‘What’s Your Story?’ , we are featuring mommy Kelly, and her adorable twins, Hana and Heather! @hana.heather This story is truly inspirational and shows her amazing journey, as Kelly survived breast cancer, and emerged stronger than ever, beating cancer. She even managed to birth her beautiful twins, amidst …

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Madam Partum X Miss Tam Chiak

It’s important to know what you can do at the pre-partum stage, nourishing your Yin energy is critical to ensure you stay healthy and strong for you and your baby.  Pre-Partum nourishment must be done well, that’s why we curated the Pre-Partum Collagen Nourishing soup specially for pregnant mommies to improve their body constitution. You …

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What’s your Story | Sophie Leow

Hey Mommies! We are so excited to release Episode 1 of our brand new podcast series called ‘What’s Your Story?’ Ep 1: “My Hyperlactation Story” – Podcast featuring Sophie Leow @sophleow On the 2nd episode,  @sophleow will be sharing about how she experienced hyper-lactation in public, which was a very challenging feat, especially for hyper-lactating mommies. She also …

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Your Golden Period for Post-Partum Recovery

In line with the government circuit breaker measurements that it will close non-essential industries temporarily for one month, it had brought about much inconvenience and worries for some mothers who are about to give birth or had given birth in this month. The challenges and questions that moms are concerned about is: “I can only …

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What can you do to boost your immunity using TCM Herbs

For pregnant mothers in their second or third trimester, as the fetus continues to grow, squeezing the heart and lungs in the chest cavity, restricting the breathing movement of the lungs, and reducing the ability of pregnant women to remove secretions from the respiratory tract and therefore more likely to cause inflammations. We recommend the …

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