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Your Confinement Plan from a TCM Perspective

What is Confinement Confinement is a period after childbirth when you recuperate and heal after going through a rigorous 10 months of pregnancy, labour and birth. In Chinese, we call it 坐月子, which Singaporeans usually practice a continuous 28 days confinement period. During this period, traditionally, even across different ethnic races, many observed strict restrictions …

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What’s Your Story | Vanessa

What’s Your Story Ep 4 features Vanessa @vannytelly, mother to 3 beautiful girls – Fayth, Hope and Joy – whom she wishes for her daughters to be! Vanessa shows her perseverance and determination to breastfeed all her 3 girls, while juggling her role as a fitness trainer. What’s even more inspiring is that despite going through …

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What’s Your Story | Kelly

Hey Mommies, for the 3rd episode of ‘What’s Your Story?’ , we are featuring mommy Kelly, and her adorable twins, Hana and Heather! @hana.heather This story is truly inspirational and shows her amazing journey, as Kelly survived breast cancer, and emerged stronger than ever, beating cancer. She even managed to birth her beautiful twins, amidst …

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