December 2017

Dawn's Review

Dawn/Daprayer – Madam Partum Post-Partum Therapy and Herbal Soups

“It’s been a crazy busy few weeks for me and all I can think of when I return home everyday is, “How I wish I am still having my Madam Partum postnatal massage and those nourishing warm soups!” I tried the usual jamu postnatal massage after my first pregnancy, but decided to give Madam Partum’s …

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Velda Tan Photoshoot

Check out our latest fashionista mummy who is onboard with Madam Partum Complete Recuperation Regime. Meet Velda Tan, she is an influencer/entrepreneur, find her in Instagram @belluspuera. Velda is currently pregnant at her last trimester and we have been helping her with Pre Partum massages since early Sept. Her choice is Madam Partum as she …

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Madam Partum at Shanghai Post-Partum Recovery Conference 2017

Madam Partum at Shanghai Post Partum Recovery Conference 2017 (第一届全国产后康复大会). Through this conference, the founder of Madam Partum has been updated with the latest trends of Post Partum recovery. So as to better serve mummies with top quality Pre/Post Partum services and up-to-date know-how.

Tay Kewei's Review

Tay Kewei Post-Partum Recuperation Journey

Check out Tay Kewei PRE/POST PARTUM recuperation journey. MADAM PARTUM helps new moms resolve the common symptoms like body aches and engorgement issues . Our PRE/POST PARTUM therapy provides a complete holistic recuperation regime such as, tummy trimming, improve milk supply for breastfeeding, womb recovery, herbal soups/tea/bath and more. Let MADAM PARTUM be your partner …

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