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Hey Mommies, We have the 2nd Episode of ‘What’s Your Story?’ featuring 883 DJ Shu Hui @883shuhui! We are so excited to be able to share Shu Hui’s story as she shares about her Emergency C-sect this time round.

If you didn’t know yet, What’s Your Story? podcast is a bite size podcast that allows our Mommies to share their raw and uncut stories.

We go through a whole list of plans that we want to follow through for birth, and also confinement and more. But things don’t always go as planned, as life really likes to throw lemons back at us. Emergency C-sects are scary, daunting to say the least. Tough times don’t last, but tough people last. This is Shu Hui’s story.

We are continuing today with EP 2 of Shu Hui’s story @883shuhui as she shares how breastfeeding isn’t what she thought it would be like after giving birth. Every mother’s breastfeeding story is different and unique, so swipe right to listen to Shu Hui’s now!

Part 3 and the final part of Shu Hui’s story! She shares how she transitioned from having to supplement with formula into breastfeeding exclusively and shares tips on how to feel better about your breastfeeding journey if you are struggling. Everything will turn out for the better as long as you give it some time and don’t stress yourself!

If you have any enquiries regarding your pregnancy journey, do connect with us at 8166 0060! 💕

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