Inspired by Motherhood Episode 6 | Amanda Chaang

Amanda Chaang is on Inspired by Motherhood with Yen as she shares about finding out pregnancy unexpectedly and how she has changed her mindset and perspective from rejection to embracing a new chapter in her life. She shares how morning sickness affected her and took away her joy 🍎🍋🥩🍕🍱🥧🥙 Watch the full episode at our website or on our Youtube channel. See link-in-bio!


Do you know of options for birthing? From being a fearful first time mother on birthing as Amanda shared how TV show really don’t do justice to it and attending hypnobirthing classes to prepare for her first birth.

TCM Care during Pregnancy

It is interesting how mothers change their appetite during pregnancy, and start taking food or drinks they usually don’t, and this is exactly what Amanda expereince. Do you know how you should care for yourself during pregnancy from a TCM perspective? What you should avoid eating or take more of? 


Collecting colostrum before birth is what some mothers might have in their mind, including Amanda. But what are some of the challenges when it comes to collecting colostrum before birth and if there is a need to do that? Find out from Yen, IBCLC, as she shares her thoughts with Amanda on this topic.

What Inspires Amanda

Amanda shares a very interesting perspective on how she gets inspired in life, there isn’t something in particular but how she lives her life with her core values firmly grounded to get different inspirations at different stages in life.
For our 6th episode of Inspired by Motherhood, Amanda shares her pregnancy journey and also her birth preparation.

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