Home Cooking With Yen | Episode 3

Wonderful flavors from the mushroom makes it the star of the soup by combining ingredients for a mouth-watering and nourishing soup for all mommies and their family. 

For this episode of Home Cooking With Yen, we have Genevieve @genevievewijaya join us to prepare the Stomach Strengthening Codonopsis Soup, which is vegetarian friendly and suitable for pregnant mothers to drink. 

We hope that you learned new and useful information regarding the two different mushrooms featured in this episode, as it can help greatly with gut health and excellent nourishing soup for mommies who are vegetarian! So if you have a weaker stomach constitution, give our Stomach Strengthening Codonopsis Soup a try.

Swipe now to see the benefits! Also, they are good protein replacements for general nourishment and as alternatives to your soup ingredients if you are vegetarian!

Confinement is a period after childbirth when you recuperate and heal after going through a rigorous 10 months of pregnancy, labour and birth. And for many young families, the common practice now is to hire a confinement nanny to prepare your meals and care for the baby. 

But, every now and again, we hear of unfortunate new mums who just didn’t have any luck with the confinement nannies they hired.
When you let a stranger stay in your home for a month or so, it’s not surprising that you may encounter someone who doesn’t support your breastfeeding efforts or priorities, has hygiene problems or just worries about not getting along with the nanny and having conflicts.

Genevieve @genevievewijaya shares how they decided to go through her confinement without hiring a confinement nanny, but rather, with the help of her husband Shiva. 

Genevieve, who is mom to 2 beautiful children and 2 fur-babies, is expecting the 3rd child now! She shares that managing your own expectations is really important. 

A newborn isn’t easy to take care of as the constant care an infant demands can drain you. While some may struggle postpartum blues and hormonal imbalances are very real, complaining about your situation will not be of much help. Being open about asking for help from your spouse or seeking out helplines is so important, that being said, your mental health is of priority.

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