What’s Your Story | Sherelle

For this episode, we are sharing Sherelle’s pregnancy journey and her tenacity despite facing all the challenges through the different health conditions. She pulled through her brain aneurysm and carried her 3rd child to term, which is remarkable!. Giving up is not an option for Sherelle as she triumphs over her odds.

Part 2 of Sherelle’s story shares how she juggled between focusing on her health and her two daughters, and it’s not an easy balance while she battles mom’s guilt. Even though Sherelle hopes to spend more time with her kids, she knows it’s a challenge with her condition. Swipe left to listen to her amazing story now.

Final Part of Sherelle’s story explains how she manages her role of being a medical front liner. And especially during the unprecedented COVID period, she tries her best and takes strict precautionary measures to avoid any chance of bringing possible exposure back home.

If you are a first-time mommy listening to our IG Podcast, ‘What’s Your Story?’ podcast is a bite size podcast that allows our Mommies to share their raw and uncut stories to encourage each other regardless of what challenges we are faced with. We have four episodes prior to this so go check it out!

If you have any enquiries regarding your pregnancy journey, come connect with us at 8166 0060! 💕

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