What’s your Story | Sophie Leow

Hey Mommies! We are so excited to release Episode 1 of our brand new podcast series called ‘What’s Your Story?’

Ep 1: “My Hyperlactation Story” – Podcast featuring Sophie Leow @sophleow

On the 2nd episode,  @sophleow will be sharing about how she experienced hyper-lactation in public, which was a very challenging feat, especially for hyper-lactating mommies. She also spoke out about how hyper-lactating mommies should unite to educate others on what and how hyper-lactation really is. For the final episode, Sophie will touch on the differences between her 1st and 2nd pregnancy, so do look out for that! 

On the final episode,  @sophleow will be sharing about how she tackled her 1st and 2nd pregnancy. Having gained more breastfeeding experience, leaning new knowledge, and as well as help along the way, Sophie has some encouragement to share with all the hyperlactating moms out there. 💪🏼

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