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Scarlett Ansley's Confinement Care With Madam Partum – A Holistic TCM Approach

Have you been taking good care of your health + body before and after birth? Find out about Scarlett Ansley Chua recuperation journey with MADAM PARTUM >>> http://shawnsherelle.com/confinement-with-madam-partum-tcm-holistic-post-partum-recovery-review-2/

As quoted by Scarlett, "Overall I’m very impressed with the holistic post-partum recovery package by Madam Partum, like how well the consumption of herbs and the incorporation of TCM massage has more than effectively made me bounce back to health in a short duration. I felt like I struck gold and I cannot believe that this method is so underrated!! For mummies who are expecting, you should seriously consider taking up Madam Partum’s confinement recovery package."

For those mummies who wishes to have a complete Pre/Post Delivery recuperation Whatsapp us at 81660060 / or enquire via www.tinyurl.com/madampartum and we will be happy to advise you.

Tracy Lee 李美玲 Pre Partum Regime During Pregnancy

As quoted by Tracy, "Previously, many people told me that pregnant women cannot do massages, they are worried about premature birth or miscarriage ~ but as the baby grows , i suffered from back pains and cramps, and sometimes difficulty breathing ... Fortunately, there is Pre Partum Therapy provided by Madam Partum, i can now sleep better at night ... Now I am looking forward to every week's massage, Madam Partum therapists are also very experienced so pregnant women and mothers can rest assured that they will not cause any discomfort to the baby ... I personally like the PrePartum therapy very much, the baby is also obedient by not kicking me during the therapy Thanks to Madam Partum and for my friend's recommendation."

之前很多人都跟我说孕妇不可以按摩,担心早产或流产~ 但怀孕期间宝宝大得有点快,腰酸背痛不再说,连肚子都抽筋才要命,有时连躺着呼吸都很喘… 幸好有#产妇拍档 提供的#PrenatalMassage,晚上才能睡得好一些… 现在我很期待每个星期的按摩 ,因为中医手法很特别,按摩师也非常有经验所以孕妇妈妈大可放心,他们不会按穴位却可以让你舒缓宝宝压到的不适… 我个人非常喜欢,宝宝在我按摩时也乖乖不踢我呢,真好  谢谢 #madamPartum @madam.partum 也谢谢友人的介绍~

Scarlett Ansley Post Partum Experience With Madam Partum

My favourite part of confinement has got to be the postnatal massage by @madam.partum! It works on the basis of TCM using Tuina techniques to restore the body to its pre-pregnancy state by correcting hormonal imbalances, improving blood circulation, as well as reducing the uterus. The lactation massage helped to release the blocked ducts(which I honestly don’t even know I have) and I saw an improvement in my milk flow just from the first session! My uterus also shrunk back to its normal size by the second week. Apart from these, the therapist also addressed my longtime sacral spine and shoulders issues, and helped correct my body misalignment. I haven’t heard of any other postnatal massage that can help achieve this!

Together with their herbal soups, tea, and bath packs, the holistic post-partum package has helped me regained my health quickly. Mummies who are delivering soon should really consider taking up this package for that one chance to recuperate from child birth. Full review coming up soon!

Limaran Agustina Pre Partum Experience With Madam Partum

I’ve been getting regular pre-natal massages done with Madam Partum since I hit the 20 weeks mark in my pregnancy and it has helped me so much in alleviating pain from an old injury. Kudos to the experienced therapists, who took really good care of me! Since then, I never had swollen feet and lower backaches other than the usual (expected) pelvic discomfort as baby’s head is preparing to lower into the birth canal. I’ll be getting another 1-2 sessions in (I hope) before I pop and I’m so thankful and blessed to be able to still be able to enjoy these massages till then! Thank you Madam Partum

Scarlett Ansley Review On Post Partum Therapy & Herbal Soup

As quoted by mummy Scarlett Ansley, "Almost one month into life with two kids and it’s nothing short of challenging(how do all you parents with two or more kids do it?!). Our hands are full all the time but so are our hearts. We’re especially thankful to have MADAM PARTUM onboard this confinement because it really made things a whole lot easier for us with everything pre-packed nicely, from the herbal soups to the red date tea and herbal bath packs. It’s fuss free and easy to prepare, perfect for parents like us who are ever short handed but still want a proper confinement for the mummy. 

For mummies considering a DIY confinement or keen to find out more about TCM post-partum recovery, look no further. I highly recommend you their holistic post-partum recovery package which also includes TCM massage therapy sessions to fasten your recovery process. Ps. We’ll share more about their products and services on our website ( www.scarlettansley.com) soon, do watch out for it! #madampartum #postpartumrecovery"

dawn/ Daprayer - MADAM PARTUM Post Partum therapy and herbal soups

Check out another testimonial from happy mummy dawn/ Daprayer about MADAM PARTUM Post Partum therapy and herbal soups! For those mummies who wishes to have a complete Pre/Post Delivery recuperation  Whatsapp us at 81448388 / or enquire via www.tinyurl.com/madampartum and we will be happy to advise you.





Tay Kewei PRE/POST PARTUM Recuperation Journey

Check out Tay Kewei PRE/POST PARTUM recuperation journey. MADAM PARTUM helps new moms resolve the common symptoms like body aches and engorgement issues . Our PRE/POST PARTUM therapy provides a complete holistic recuperation regime such as, tummy trimming, improve milk supply for breastfeeding, womb recovery, herbal soups/tea/bath and more. Let MADAM PARTUM be your partner for a successful pre/post delivery recovery today!

Whatsapp us at 81448388 / or enquire via www.tinyurl.com/madampartum and we will be happy to advise you.


A week of confinement has flown past and I'm really enjoying myself! Really blessed to have enough milk for my baby since Day 1, I credit that to MADAM PARTUM for prenatal lactation massage! Having regular postnatal massage is so soothing for my sore abdominal muscles, and really helped to ease my engorgement issues. The prepacked herbal soup is customized for a full 28 day schedule and also herbal tea and bath herbs - they're really fuss free and so easy to prepare . PS. The bath herbs smell like lemongrass, so it's pretty much a spa experience and not as scary as I thought it would smell! 


One of the best decisions I made pre-partum was having weekly massages in my home . I looked forward to it every single week to alleviate my swollen ankles and feet, and soreness from uncomfortable sleeping positions. Surprisingly it wasn't just soothing relaxing massage, but really working on the muscle tension! She's also starting on lactation massage to make sure blockages can be avoided once my baby is here, which makes a lot of sense to me! Initially I was fearful as I was advised against any form of massage as some acupressure points might induce labour, but I'm now at 39 weeks and it's all good, so I'm pretty sure I'm in the good hands of the trained professionals at MADAM PARTUM!


Not your typical spa setting but it's most shiok because it's a mobile massage bed in MY ROOM! Just had the best prepartum massage and I only wish I had started earlier in my pregnancy, Thank you MADAM PARTUM!

Joanne Peh With Madam Partum - Pre Partum

Joanne Peh With Madam Partum - Pre Partum

This is what I look forward to most every week -- getting my regular pre-natal massage from Madam Partum. For some reason I only get calf cramps in the middle of the night (usually 5 in the morning) when I'm pregnant and I heard that many moms-to-be experience this too! I find it such a relief to have a professional therapist who knows exactly how to alleviate symptoms like that, (including the back aches and water retention) and as I brace myself for the last leg of the pregnancy, I'm going to enjoy every bit of this! http://madampartum.com/

Joanne Peh With Madam Partum - Post Partum

Joanne Peh With Madam Partum - Post Partum

Most of us are probably familiar with post partum Jamu or tummy trimming massages (and have probably made our bookings way before), but I have to say that lactation massage is one of the best discoveries I made this time that I didn't know before and I feel compelled to share this with moms-to-be. 

Joanne Peh With Madam Partum - Post Partum

Joanne Peh with Madam Partum

My confinement is almost coming to an end and I definitely feel a lot more energized now. For optimal recovery, there are many aspects that we need to pay attention to, including what we eat/drink and the post partum treatments. 


After only one session of massage, I noticed an increase in my milk supply and my ducts are better and not so blocked. Truly enjoyed my massage with Madam Partum. Highly recommended and two thumbs up!

Bong Qiu Qiu - Madam Partum post-natal massage review

Seeing is believing. So i'd just start my review with the amazing results from my 1 month and 7 days post-partum massage with Madam Partum. Thank you Yen for letting me try out this service, I'd be very happy to share with all other new mummies!

Vannytelly : Postpartum Service Review - Postnatal Massage With Madam Partum

Hi Mummies and Mummies-to-be, some of you may know I just finished my confinement and I did my Postnatal Massage with Madam Partum and I got alot of Mummies asking me about it. Am here today to do a review on my Postnatal Massage experience with Madam Partum. Many of you have been asking about this since TCM Postnatal Massage is probably something new to most of you, instead of the traditional Jamu Massage. Decided to write up a review so you Mummies can have a clearer idea of what this is and also the differences between the two.

ChewyJas : [CONFINEMENT] Post-Natal Care : 7 Days Post-Partum Massage Therapy from Madam Partum

A mother's body went through massive changes during the nine months of pregnancy and even more stress and trauma during child birth. A post-partum massage is able to aids in helping mothers to recuperate, recover and return the body to the pre-pregnancy state.

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